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summer, u better get this shit done, list ;)

get 6 or more piercings.

go totally blonde again :)

lose 15-20 pounds.

get black!! :D

get a cute boy bike.

ride bikes all day one day.

skinny dip during the day.

night swim.

pearl lake.

magic waters.

great america.

cedar point.

go camping.


go to all the festivals/fairs.

get some type of animal.

48 hour no sleep.

watch the sunrise and set w the same person.

fall in L?

waterballon fight/water guns


watch the stars.

learn to french braid/fishtail/waterfall.

have lots of crazy sex

get super fuckkkkked up, alot

go to a kickass party.

meet someone new :)


have the bestest sweet 16 party :)

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